Comfortable short to long-term stays in country surrounds only 3.5 km to Bundaberg CBD.  Dogs free range with their hosts, as if they were visiting relatives.  They watch TV in the lounge, and at bedtime, they choose where they want to go.

About Us

Nicky and Dan welcome your dog to Arafura Luxury Dog Resort.

We understand the need for people wanting their dogs to be comfortable in a nurturing environment, and this is also important to us too.  Because we both enjoy dogs company (probably more than humans), we are prepared to share our home with them so that their owners can rest easy that their pets are getting the attention they need and love.

In order to help us, we need owners to understand the importance of the C5 Vaccination to prevent kennel cough, and also to keep their pet current with flea and tick treatment.  Its also helpful to have your dog desexed when they are mixing with other dogs, plus having them registered to avoid any issues with the local council.  Therefore, we ask that you provide us with the evidence of their vaccinations, desexing, council registration and anything else you deem helpful.

It’s also nice to have your dog washed prior to bringing it here, or let us know that your dog requires a wash.  If so, a donation towards the cost of washing your dog would be appreciated.

If you wish to bring bedding, toys etc for your dog, please label them.  We are also happy to feed them their special diet if you provide it.

Often we need to have an introductory session for us to decide whether or not your pet is suitable for this place.  For example, your pet may be very frail or sick, or have other issues.  Please understand if we deem your dog unsuitable to this place.  It is our priority to provide a safe and friendly environment for all our guests.

We have some forms to be filled in prior to accepting your dog.  You can contact us with your email address so that we can forward these to you.  They need to be printed off before filling in, then scanned or photocopied to be sent back.

Conditions apply


Contact us here.

A Home-away-from-home for your pet dog.

We have the experience and passion to care for your pet dog.  

Facilities for dogs

  • Secure yards for the dogs to free-range
  • Nice big lounge in hosts home
  • Dog beds
  • Toys and balls
  • Hydrobath
  • Enclosures for eating or a few minutes as “sin bin”
  • Early morning walks (when possible) followed by dog treats
  • Main meal around 5pm in summer, but earlier in Winter.

Rules for dogs

  • C5 (which includes kennel cough) atleast 10 days prior to arrival.  Vaccinations papers are necessary.
  • Council registration
  • Desexed preferred
  • Flea/tick treatment by owner
  • Dogs are not allowed into bedrooms
  • Behavioural issues will be addressed where necessary
  • Sociable dogs welcome

Tariffs for Dogs:

  • $25 per day for small to medium dogs
  • $30 per day for large dogs

Hours of Business Mon to Sat

7.30 am to 6.00 pm

Sunday 12.00pm to 6.00 pm

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